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Threadlocking / Flange Sealing / Gasket Making

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Hydraulic Seal

Hydraulic Seal
Thread Sealant - medium strength. For fine threads in hydraulic, pneumatic and general fittings.


Flange Sealant XTS 320 heat resistant

Flange Sealant

Is an anaerobic gasketing material designed for use on metal surfaces including aluminium and stainless steel flanged mating surfaces.

High Temperature RTV

XTS 320 forms a tough silicone rubber seal and is resistant to most industrial chemicals.

 Temperature range up to 350 C

Metal Cleaner Spray

Cleans and degreases parts prior to bonding and sealing with Intek adhesives & sealants


Removable Nutlock

Medium strength threadlocking and anti-vibration adhesive.

Excellent chemical & fuel resistance

Removable with standard tools

Thread sealant RC 160 Studlock

Pipe Thread Sealant

Lower Strength high viscosity thread sealant, gives an instant low pressure seal and allows repositioning.
Designed for coarse & taper threads

RC 160 Retainer

High strength, high temperature adhesive for retaining cylindrical metal parts. Suitable for bearings, bushes and collars

Permanent Studlock

High Strength adhesive and sealant for threaded fastener where removal is not required.

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Thread sealants for low and high pressure applications, they fill the space between threaded parts and provide an instant, low pressure seal when used on taper/ parallel joint combination. When cured, they seal to the burst strength of most pipe systems.

Specifications available for WRAS potable water, NSF food grade adhesives sealants and gas / air.

Thread locking adhesives prevent self-loosening and prevent loss of clamp load due to vibration and shock loads. They are easy-flowing liquids which completely fill the gaps between mating threads.

By forming a barrier between dissimilar materials these products can help prevent bi-metallic / galvanic corrosion

We can offer equivalents to most common Loctite adhesives at very competitive prices. Please Contact us for details

Metal Cleaner