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PSA 529 Pressure sensitive adhesive has an overall balance of peel strength, cohesion, lap shear strength and high temperature holding

power, which provides a versatility that makes this product useful in a wide variety of applications, including fastening and bonding of dissimilar materials

Key Features and Benefits

Wide temperature range performance, maintains good shear and tack properties at intermittent temperatures up to 260 C (500 F)

Adhesion to a wide variety of surfaces (stainless steel, anodized aluminum, steel) including low energy surfaces (silicones, fluoropolymers, polyolefins)

Resistance to moisture, weathering (ozone, sunlight), chemical (acids, alkalis, oils) and biological (fungus) attack

Elastomeric properties after curing with SRC18 catalyst

Uncured Properties

Cured Properties


Light straw / Translucent

Specific Gravity:



Low viscosity liquid (2500 cps)



Cure Time:


Dielectric Strength:

20 Kv/mm

Tack Free:

10 minutes uncatalyzed

Temperature Range:

200 C

Shelf Life:

6 months in dry conditions @ 20C

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