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PU45 polyurethane sealant and adhesive has excellent adhesion to most surfaces including aluminium, steel, plastics, wood, concrete and GRP composites. Use PU45 to seal and bond aluminium and steel sheets, vehicle bodywork, boat structures, ships, plastic and metal window and door frames.

PU45 is resistant to most automotive fluids such as diesel fuel, oils, anti freeze and alkalis as well as water and steam. Unlike silicone sealants it is possible to over paint.


• Bonding and sealing steel & aluminium sheets

• Excellent adhesive and sealant for marine applications

• Resistant to diesel, solvents and industrial chemicals

• High strength sealing where over painting is necessary

Uncured Properties

Colours :  

Consistency :  

Cure Time :  

Tack Free Time :

Shelf life @ 20C :  

Cured Properties

Specific Gravity :  

Hardness Shore A :       

Tensile Strength :  

Temperature Range :



24 hours per 2mm

30 minutes

6 months in dry conditions



23 kgf/cm 2 ( 2.3 Mpa )

-55 to + 120C

PU45 Polyurethane Sealant and Adhesive

Diesel resistant sealant, over paintable, high strength

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